Welcome to Infinity Mixed Martial Arts! Mixed Martial Arts you say? Like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Karate, Wrestling and Judo all sweaty and mushed-up together locked in a ring with no escape? Well no, not really, a very small percentage of you will get to that point yes but we realize most of you have no intention of getting in a ring thank you very much.

No, your journey does not need to be scary and in reality you’ve already done the toughest first step simply by searching for us!

So far so good! The second step is to call us at 778 809 4662 and ask all kinds of questions, or email us at or stop by during class hours and have a look. See? Simple. It’s the third step that’s the real killer, but hey, you’ve conquered the first two already so you’re on a roll. Come and try a class! Uh oh, stumbling block. Honestly we know exactly how you feel, seriously! We made every excuse before attending the first class too; I’m out of shape, I’m too old, the time of day doesn’t work, I’m too heavy, I will fall over, I’m allergic to pain, etc.

Your first class will be tough! Now I know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch and why the honesty? No catch, there will be hard work and YOU CAN DO IT. There is no need to do any prep work (except perhaps stop smoking, but you knew that already) just show up, heck bring the kids, it may be their fault your reading this, and make THEM try classes too! To make it easier to try classes please have TWO WEEKS FREE on us with no commitments. We have programs for all ages and abilities, yes, even yours.

Now we know some of the instructors sound scary when you read their bios and perhaps they are scary in the ring. Make no mistake, we have on staff and have in our students some Championship Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and full MMA fighters that compete in local and international competitions. Fact is most of them will be your teachers and these guys and gals really know their stuff. What you will discover though is they are the nicest group of people outside the ring and in class that you could ask for and they really care about you and your progress. Many of our coaches have kids in our classes too and we fully encourage family training.

Some are on a quest for glory and others are on a quest to lose the Christmas Turkey roll, that’s OK. We can handle your reasons for getting into shape and learning some moves, all we ask for is a good attitude at the door and that you try your best. Who knows, we think you will like it and we guarantee you will learn something, but you have to show up to find out.
See you, here.